Sunday Nights are filled with activities and relevant teaching that lead students to begin to experience the life-changing power of the Gospel. Our hope is that students will begin to establish foundations of faith.



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Born For This

Book Of Mark

Through this series, we are diving into the life and ministry of Jesus.

Jesus came from places of preparation. His ministry didn’t begin until He had gone through the most growing times of His life. How can we look at Jesus’ life and ministry and relate it to our spiritual journey?

Week 1: Mark Chapter 1 (Jesus Came From An Unfamiliar Place)

Week 2: Mark Chapter 2 (Jesus Defied the Religious “Ideas”)

Week 3: Mark Chapter 3 (The Same Power Lives In Us)

Week 4: Mark Chapter 4 (Sowing Seed)

Week 5: Mark Chapter 5 (Faith Changes Everything)

Week 6: Mark Chapter 6 Pt. 1 (Traveling Light)

Week 7: Mark Chapter 6 Pt. 2 (He Sees You In Your Storm)


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