Engaging Students Far From God  |   Establishing Life-Changing Gospel Rooted Faith  |   Equipping Students For Leadership and Making Disciples

Illuminate Student Ministry Lock-In: April 5th

Illuminate Student Ministry Lock-In: April 5th

Big Events (Engage)

Reaching lost students is a priority! Our strategy for reaching lost students is to first encourage core students to pursue their lost friends while showing them love and inviting them to “Come and See”  the ministry. Another way the ministry will pursue and reach lost students is through community outreaches and big events.

Big events and outreach events are jam packed with fun. These are  some of the best experiences a student will ever have. Big events are strategic in engaging students who are far from God by creating an atmosphere that is inviting and overall a time to break down any barriers and spark interest in the lost community.

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Sunday Nights (Establish)

Sunday Nights are filled with activities and relevant teaching that lead students to begin to experience the life-changing power of the Gospel with the hopes that students will begin to establish foundations of faith.  

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Student Leadership (Equip)

Illuminate equips students to take ownership of the youth ministry but more importantly take personal ownership of their faith in Jesus. In a small group setting, we encourage them to consistently and passionately strive toward maturity in their everyday lives, while also  pushing them  to make disciples. (Matthew 28:19-20). 


Summer Camp 2019

$195/Participant by May 19th
$220/Participant by June 9th

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